What will be the output of the following code?

Integer foo = 1000;
Integer bar = 1000;

System.out.println(foo <= bar);
System.out.println(foo >= bar);
System.out.println(foo == bar);
The Java compiler evaluated an expression of Integer = ; to Integer = Integer.valueOf();.
Starting from JSE5.0 the compiler is caching Integer values between -128..127 (byte size). Hence, if the number is in the range mentioned above, the Integer.valueOf() method will always return an already existing object, corresponding to the requested int number, from a pre-generated Integer objects array. Since 1000 is not in the mentioned range, foo and bar are pointing to different, separately created objects
The compiler evaluates the foo <= bar; and foo >= bar; expressions to foo.intValue() <= bar.intValue() and foo.intValue() >= bar.intValue() which is equivalent to 1000 <= 1000 and 1000 >= 1000, which are both true.

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