Sometimes, when you enter the page, the button already lights up by default. What attribute is applied to interface elements (such as checkboxes and radio buttons) when they are in the "on" position?
The pseudo-class: checked attribute is applied to interface elements, such as checkboxes and radio buttons, when they are in the "on" position.
Switching elements to this state occurs using the checked attribute of the <input> or by the user.
Link to the specification:
HTML checked Attribute.
Click here for additional information.

@Colinek yeah! true :) sorry for that. fixed! thanks for feedback

2019 Jun 26, 8:34:39 AM

Oh boo! I didn't click on the CAPITALISED answer, so I get this wrong. Who is using CAPITALS in their html these days? A little pedantic, no?

2019 Jun 22, 6:45:35 PM

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