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For Java developers who already have some knowledge of the programming language, from juniors to seniors. Courses and quizzes are made with intent to test knowledge and find some gaps in already learned materials.

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Java is an object-oriented cross-platform programming language that is designed for readability and interoperability. It is a programming language that was created for usage in distributed environment of Internet to implement an object-oriented programming model. Java is usually read as a light and easier version of how to look and feel C++ language. However, Java can be used as a complete version to create outright applications that can run on all platforms that support Java without the need for recompilation. In 2017 Java is the most popular programming language, with more than 9 million developers who work with it.
This Quiz is entirely dedicated to Java language, where you can test your knowledge and answer interview questions on Java. You will answer theoretical and practical questions that test your skills to understand java code and find mistakes.

You can return to this java course whenever you like since we make updates every time with new papers, rules, and even new questions!

Java Модулі

Primitive type conversions
This chapter contains questions on primitive types explicit and implicit casts and results of operations applied to them
Methods declarations and execution
Declaring classes with methods, fields, parameters and constructors
Interfaces, Abstract classes, Enums
Also Inner classes Nested classes and Anonymous classes
Threads, concurrency
Thread class, multithreading and concurrency in Java

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