What will be printed out as a result of the follwing code execution?
#include <iostream>
#include <map>

struct A {
    int val;
    A() { };
    A(int val) : val(val) { }; 
    bool operator< (const A* tmp ) const {
        return val < tmp->val;        

int main() {
    std::map<A*,int> m;

    A *a1 = new A(2);
    A *a2 = new A(2);
    A *a3 = new A(3);
    A *a4 = new A(1);

    m[a1] = 0;
    m[a2] = 0;
    m[a3] = 0;
    m[a4] = 0;

    std::cout << m.size() << std::endl;

    return 0;
std::map, unlike std::multimap, cannot contain several elements with the same keys. However, in this case, pointers will be compared, not types. Therefore, the operator< method will not be called even once, and all pointers will have different addresses.

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